With reference to the provisions of the Decree. 196/2003, regarding the protection of confidentiality in the handling of personal data, we hereby wish to inform you that thepersonal information you provide, or tape recordings and / or acquired during ouractivities, can be processed with or without the use of electronic means, in accordancewith the aforementioned law, for the institutional purposes of our business, and in particular:

to implement a service or one or more contractually agreed
the performance of obligations under applicable laws or regulations
the submittal of your data in Blanco Store is closely related to the execution of the contract or, when specified, of the activities agreed upon by
the data will be stored at our operating headquarters, at the following address: Via Europa, 10 66020 San Giovanni Teatino CH

the processing of data provided or otherwise acquired during our activities, can be made also by subjects who have been granted the right to access your personal information by law or secondary legislation and / or Community.
anytime you can ask for the modification or cancellation of these dat

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